A canyon is a rare wonder. It takes time to form. Generation after generation, each one making its mark. Each one adding depth and character, until it becomes something grand. A place vaunted for its history, where legends die hard and new adventures are born every fall.

where legends die hard
and new adventures
are born every fall.
close up side of white typewriter close up of outside of drivers side of a classic car black cassette tape on top of a pink retro pattern
young woman smiling looking down on camera

We’re honored to carry The Canyon’s torch forward. To breathe new life into names that have stood the test of time. Smart designs preserve the vintage details and charisma that make Alexander Court, Beaver Hill, Cedarbrook, Garner Court and The Diplomat at The Canyon a living legend. And sharp new furnishings, finishes, and amenities bring a modern lifestyle to a State College classic.

Because it’s your turn to experience a place that’s pure Penn State. To feel what it’s like to live steps from campus and greek life. To hang out on the balconies over Beaver Ave. To be in the best spot for exploring this remarkable city. Experience for yourself the electrifying pride and bona fide authenticity of living in The Canyon. A monument all its own, to a college and a city like nowhere else.

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